GBM Technical Expedition Grade Conifguration

IANTD Trimix/Expedition, TDI Advanced Trimix, PADI CCR100

GBM Technical Expedition Grade Configuration

IANTD Trimix/Expedition, TDI Advanced Trimix, PADI CCR100

– loop complete (DSV, loop ADV/Dil adapter, O2 loop adapter, LP hoses with check valves)
– outer bag (casing)
– outer bag to counterlung connectors (outer nuts and outer color tagged silicone washers)
– inner counterlung connectors and inhalation (3D cube) and exhalation (L-shaped) counterlungs
– OPV/dump valve
– scrubber canister complete
– bayonet sensor module assembly and 3 cell harness
– 2 solid state sensors. Advantage: no need to re-calibrate computers – initial, one time, computer calibration for life time (unless replaced)
– 2 AK/4 cable/connector for diving computer
– inner metal plate for scrubber canister attachment
– velcro bands for attaching scrubber canister to the inner plate
– O2 1st stage regulator, OPV, swiveling HP “T” fitting and button HP gauge (option to install AI transmitter), 90º LP adapter and hose
– gas control block – single button O2 MAV and O2 needle valve (NV), swiveling gas outlet LP fitting and LP hose to the CCR
– electronics module to convert digital signal to analog for compatibility with most computers
– velcro band for inner plate to secure the electronics module
– outer O2 cylinder attachment metal plate
– outer velcro bands for attaching O2 bottle
– ADV/Dil adaptor’s gas isolator switch
– gas control block’s isolator switch
– 2nd harness with AK/4 computer cable
– 2 analog cells (requires periodic validation/calibration due to chemical cells’ degradation as time goes by)
– dual button O2/DIL/NV MAV gas control block

Price: $6300

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