Instructors & Dealers

Gregory Borodiansky

Founded Scubatron in August 2013 as a TEC diving training oriented business.

I am a IANTD IT, Tec/Rec OC and CCR Mixed Gas Instructor, Cave diver, U/W photographer.

Can train new instructors including rebreather instructors (IT – instructor trainer).
Qualified to dive almost all existing and already extinct rebreathers.
Certified to teach:
  • KISS (SideWinder, Classic, Spirit),
  • DiveSoft (Liberty SM)
  • Poseidon (MK-VI and VII)
  • Hollis
  • LungFish
  • GBM rebreathers to all recreational and technical levels including advanced trimix.

Participated in multiple diving expeditions:

  • Lost Cayman Island-I
  • Lost Cayman Island-II
  • Lost treasuries of ancient Mayan people – highland lake Atitlan in Guatemala
  • Countless “bone hunts” and discoveries in Mexican caves
  • Short mission to the wreck of Carolina (sank by German sub Oct.1 2018 – at a depth of 240 ft in cold and murky Atlantic waters).
  • Truk (Chuuk) WW2’s ship wreck exploration with Lust4Rust

Sandra Clopp

Sandra Clopp has been teaching diving since 2006. She has over 2,500 rebreather hours logged in various environments including:

  • 7.5 hour long cave exploration dives in Mexico & Florida
  • Megalodon tooth hunting
  • Icebergs in Newfoundland
  • Lower Arctic Circle expedition
  • Andrea Doria
  • Truk Lagoon

Sandra teaches cave diving, advanced wreck diving, rebreathers, ice diving & Captains a boat on the megalodon tooth ledge off North Carolina.

She teaches all around the U.S.A. including NC, NYC/PA, Utah, northern WA & cave country Florida.

Bryan B. Thomas

Bryan has been teaching diving for over 20 years. He became passionate about CCRs in the early 2000s.

Growing up in Canada and diving year round, he primarily dove the great lakes and St Laurence River ship wrecks! His first true passion in diving.
Bryan has owned 12 rebreathers and teaches 2 to the level of full hypoxic trimix (MOD 3).
He loves diving and traveling (Mostly for diving).

Alessandra Figari

Alessandra Figari is a full cave to stage to cave diving TDI instructor and CCR instructor for Poseidon MKVI and VII, Inspiration, Kiss Spirit and GBM front mount models. She teaches recreational to trimix, from ocean to wreck to caves and dives in Micronesia, Florida, Malta, Italy, Jamaica, Roatan, Utila. 

Explorers Club Associate Member since 2013, and one of the authors of a chapter in the book “Closed Calls” by Stratis Kas. 

She teaches through her companies, Cave Training Mexico and Enjoy Diving.

Melanie Clark

Mel is an active technical/rebreather diving instructor trainer; and avid underwater photographer. In 2003 she taught for Divers Institute of Technology (DIT) helping to develop future commercial divers. Mel currently instructs students and future instructors on most of the major rebreathers on the market. She is also passionate about cave diving and teaches CCR Cave. Mel is a member of the Women Diver’s Hall of Fame, and an ambassador for IANTD.

Aside from teaching Mel is passionate about underwater photography and writing. She has also written many manuals and agency training programs including the TDI KISS CCR manual, TDI Semi-Closed Circuit rebreather manual, and IANTD’s rEvo course. Mel has independently published CCR Trimix Simplified, CCR Cave Almost Simplified and a universal easy to read rebreather guide on buying and diving the closed circuit rebreather, called “Rebreathers Simplified.”

Peter Broger

Peter Broger is a PADI instructor and certified to teach 15 specialists. He is a full cave CCR IANTD instructor and a TDI IT. Teaches GBM, Poseidon, MKVI7 and Inspiration rebreathers. He’s currently teaching recreational and technical diving from the open ocean to wrecks to caves in Florida, Malta, Roatan, and Belize. Co-Owner of Cave Training Mexico and Enjoy Diving.