about Gregory Borodiansky
Founded Scubatron in August 2013 as a TEC diving training oriented business.

I am a IANTD IT, Tec/Rec OC and CCR Mixed Gas Instructor, Cave diver, U/W photographer.

Can train new instructors including rebreather instructors (IT – instructor trainer).
Qualified to dive almost all existing and already extinct rebreathers.
Certified to teach:
  • KISS (SideWinder, Classic, Spirit),
  • DiveSoft (Liberty SM)
  • Poseidon (MK-VI and VII)
  • Hollis
  • LungFish
  • GBM rebreathers to all recreational and technical levels including advanced trimix.

Participated in multiple diving expeditions:

  • Lost Cayman Island-I
  • Lost Cayman Island-II
  • Lost treasuries of ancient Mayan people – highland lake Atitlan in Guatemala
  • Countless “bone hunts” and discoveries in Mexican caves
  • Short mission to the wreck of Carolina (sank by German sub Oct.1 2018 – at a depth of 240 ft in cold and murky Atlantic waters).
  • Truk (Chuuk) WW2’s ship wreck exploration with Lust4Rust